Charibiz Project 

The Charibiz project contains of three parts. We have students that we train theoretically and practically. Our students work on our compost plant for our community project .Firstly we build our own compost, once we control our compost and soil we can support our "old" farmers,our own farming project and our future farmers. We search for a community of farmers, these farmers will be supported by our students. This way the students help their own community and people and gain experience in farming. When the student is finished with his course and ready, we try to look for land and help them. Our future students can help our past students again so they can increase their yields and this benefits both groups. The crop that is ready for harvest they can sell it to us as organisation or for themselves as individuals. The Lord Jesus is central in our teaching programme, we want to create christian leaders in the communities through agriculture. 

Cooperation with Charity that houses over 50 kids 
Charibiz was looking for land to host their agricultural projects, the Lord guided us into a direction of Ilovo, there we found a organisation that desperately needed help. We have the oppertuinitiy to impact Childerens lives and give people skills in this project. The vision of Charibiz can 
Creating sustainability in project that homes more than 50 children 

Charibiz was given a great opportunity to help in a project that is currently running at a significant loss. We have entered a Joint venture agreement help to an organisation that is housing about 50 kids from bad families or no families. Our aim is the same in this project than it has always been, we want to create jobs, skills and sustainability. It seemed like the Lord has guided us in this direction because the project is being mismanaged. We are going to create job and a income from the soil.  

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