Charibiz found a new group of ladies for the beans project!

We are always on the lookout for potential farmers. This time I saw a nice plot on the side of the road in Malangeni but it only had weeds! I had my eyes on this project for quite some time, one of my contacts in the Malangeni area knew who owned it, he brought me in contact with them.

The people who own the land are a group of ladies who attempted to farm but they are struggling. The soil is a bit sandy but it has got a good drainage. It has a stream of water near by, about 30 meter from it. The ground is flat and about 1 hectare in size with the opportunities to grow it to about 2 hectares.

The group of ladies, 9 in total from which are 6 active. The ladies embraced our ideas from Charibiz and where greatful with the help we can offer. It's always great to see some real enthusiasm, that is what gives us motivation in what we are doing. These ladies are keen and hardworking, together we booked progress this week and we are looking forward to next week.

Next week we organised 20 tons of organic material to dropped off at the garden. This is going to improve the sandy soil structure. Before it starts raining we need to spray the weeds and clear up the roots. Two "manual" pumps are on its way from Cape Town. This should be able to help the ladies with watering without electricity.

Hlonge is a member of this group, Hlonge has already grown some beans at home. She offered us very kindly some of her beans. We will help her with the marketing and selling.

On our way back we found Victoria walking with a big bag of beans on their heads. That is a lot harder than our bakkies , tractors or trucks. Big respect for Victoria, Victoria was keen on our project so we want to help her in the future aswell.

We want to thank all the people who read the article's please keep the thumbs up and keep us in your prayers.

We wish you God's blessing and have a good weekend,


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