RIP Lephina ,she got hit by a car.

Last week I got a call from Pastor Eric, Eric informed me that one of our farmers , a sweet amazing lady and a hard working lady got hit by a car. She was crossing the highway from working on the community garden around 5pm, she must of not seen the car when she was crossing the highway and she got hit. Saddened by this news, because an amazing woman has left us. I got invited to the funeral , Jonathan and her 16 Kids are missing a amazing mom and lady. I was grateful that they invited us to share in their grieve but also in their joy. It must of been the coldest day on the South Coast! The people where praising and crying at the same time, because Lephina was carrying her testimony of Jesus on her forehead. it was a real testimony that Lephina left behind, and effected many in the community including me.

Lephina also went to my fathers funeral, humbled as I was as they asked me to speak and say something about Lephina on behalf of the farmers. See video below

The community will miss a great spirit, but we are committed to work even harder and place Lephina central in our garden project.

Warm Regards,


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