Hunting for some organic matter together!

We are all ready to go! We just loaded a pick up truck full of cow dung. "A good farm starts with good soil" Last week we cleared a lot weeds. The weeds where almost 1.5 Meter high, with these weeds comes challenges because the soil is completely drained from its Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphor. Not Good if you want to grow your first successful big crop. Most of the weeds have got seeds and lots of them. We need to get the better of this and we will.

We needed to look for inexpensive organic matter .This will relate to them in a better way. With the sugar mile nearby this is not a problem the only problem is that we needed something that is a bit stronger. After asking a couple of cow farmers with the request for help, because we know matured cow dung is black gold.

The good thing about the people in South Africa is that they are always willing to help and I must admit we got a helping hand this time again! God is good. The ladies are well stocked up we took two bakkie loads and we will need to get some more. However it's a great start for our seedlings that we have planted in trays last week. Let's see what the Lord will bring us this week. We should start with our training on Thursday, we are looking forward to it.

Warm Regards,


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